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About Dr Alexea


Dr. Alexea M. Gaffney, MD  is a triple-board certified Infectious Disease sub-specialist, Internist and Pediatrician. She is, above and beyond this, a mother, speaker, author and coach. Dr. Alexea invited the world into her life when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 37.  She publicly shared her journey through social media as she underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for her breast cancer treatment.  Cancer has transformed her life and her worldview and she has been healing and transforming herself and others through her speaking, teaching and writing. 


Dr. Alexea also utilizes advocacy via conferences, community engagement  and social media to educate at risk communities and the general public about lifestyle, disease prevention and management. She is a firm believer in what she calls the “Treat, Eat, Drink and Think” approach to cancer care and healing.  She has utilized her social media platforms @DrAlexea (FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter)  to share her medical motivation, healthy influence as well as her cancer journey. Here she not only gives glimpses and insights of her life with breast cancer but also shares the story of her cancer treatment, survival and how she thrives and helps her family cope with her treatment.  She utilizes these platforms to give hope and encouragement to Breast cancer survivors and their families through and beyond the treatment process. 


Her passion and purpose is to create healing pathways to  help others achieve total health and wellness, mind, body and spirit.

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