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T H E  M O M

Hey Beauties! Welcome to our Mommy page! Being a Mom to my sweet Kennedy Rose is by far my greatest accomplishment and I’m sure you share a similar sentiment. Balancing motherhood

and my career as a physician was no easy feat but I did it and like much of what I’ve
accomplished, many folks claimed I made it look easy. Kennedy and I had been cruising along and just as we had settled so wonderfully into our new norm (I, a minted single mom who was now enjoying a budding new relationship and Kennedy living away from her Dad), Breast
Cancer struck. I was determined not to let the changes in my life, career, or relationship status disrupt Kennedy’s life, her sense of well being or cause her to experience even the least bit of instability. My Breast Cancer diagnosis would be no different!

Before the diagnosis, I learned from what felt like failures how to parent and how to mother; even through adversity. I am creating the most beautiful, perfectly imperfect life with KRose. We
share love, laughter and even shed tears along the way. While I am raising her, she is cheering me on helping me to continually grow! Welcome to Life with KRose; my blog on Mothering
Through Adversity.

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